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Tope Mohammed


Tope Mohammed is an 18 year old young man from Ibadan, Nigeria. He and his two younger sisters lost their father in 2006 to HIV/AIDS and then their mother in 2009 of the same illness. His sisters were taken in by CHIPROM shortly after the death of their mother.
Tope grew close to a pastor who frequently visited the University College Hospital where her mother was hospitalized. This pastor knew the president of CHIPROM and was able to bring the two parties together when Mrs. Mohammed eventually passed away. Tope became the head of the household for a period of 6 months after his mother passed away until his two younger sisters were rescued by CHIPROM.
Tope himself, however, was in a awkward position of being too old for CHIPROM, but still quite young to be living on his own. He moved in with the pastor and his family. He lived with them for eight months, working with the pastor in his contracted mission work.
Tope later moved in with family friends and has most recently been living with three of his coworkers from his job at a local factory. Their quarters are cramped, as the four young men share a single room together.
CHIPROM has decided to partner with Tope to give him a better future. Although he has already finished his secondary schooling, he needs to re-write certain exams to get adequate grades to pursue a career in university. CHIPROM is willing to set him up with tutors and accommodation so that he may study and focus on his schoolwork.
Tope has already taken the first step in this plan by quitting his job. He has faith that CHIPROM will be able to find him tutors and a place to stay so that he can complete his exams and move on to university. He has always had a love for science, and he hopes to find a career in it someday.
This young man has had an incredibly difficult start, but that doesn’t have to overshadow the rest of his life. Even through all the struggles he underwent, he was still able to find a place for his sisters and him to stay, as well as hold down a job. This man is focused and ready to continue with his education.
That is where CHIPROM needs help. While CHIPROM is completely ready to find a tutor, food, clothing and accommodation for Tope, the funds are not there for this. We are urgently praying that sponsors respond to this call and contact CHIPROM (through any of our offices). Tope deserves to start over with his education. Let’s give him that chance.


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