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After seven (7) years of separation, CHIPROM reconnects a family by releasing Dolapo and Tayo to be reunited with their biological mother. On Saturday, August 24th, 2014 after many months of preparation, counselling and resolution of family differences Dolapo and Tayo were finally released from CHIPROM and handed over to their mother amidst tears of joy and high emotions.

Tayo and Dolapo were rescued in 2007 and they have grown before our eyes to be responsible and hardworking girls. The girls were given many start up supplies including pillows, mattresses, food, and personal hygiene supplies. CHIPROM will continue to provide support to the family for a six-month period as the girls transition into their new home and environment. We wish them both a happy new life.


CHIPROM kids helping Dolapo and Tayo to do the final packing. What great teamwork!


Tayo and Dolapo with Mrs. Idowu as she presents a support cheque to Mrs. Aregbesola on behalf of CHIPROM.


Send-forth photo of Tayo and Dolapo with some CHIPROM families.


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CHIPROM is having a day of prayer and fasting!

On Friday, August 15, 2014, CHIPROM’s Canadian Board will be joining the Nigerian
and American Boards to focus our prayers on:

1: The current Ebola crisis – we need wisdom in the decisions made regarding the
protection of the children and staff; provision of goods and funds to purchase goods
for the stockpile in the event of an elevation of the crisis; protection and God’s
intervention for CHIPROM and the people of Africa; and for God to use this crisis to
draw people to Himself.

2: For God to raise up Godly people with a heart for serving and the children of
Nigeria to work along with us.

3: For God to raise up Godly, committed people to support CHIPROM prayer fully and
financially on a consistent basis.

We ask you to consider joining with us on Friday for our day of prayer and fasting
as God has promised us through His Word that He hears and responds to the cries of
our hearts.

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