About Our Ministry

Mandate and Vision

Children of Promise Ministries (CHIPROM) is a non governmental, non-denominational charitable organization created specifically to respond to the needs of vulnerable children.

  1. To provide support services to needy and orphaned children including food, shelter, clothing, education and counseling
  2. To operate an orphanage under Christian ethics and moral guidance
  3. To educate the public about the issues faced by needy and orphaned children through seminars and research

One child at a time…

At CHIPROM, our brand identity is leading one child at a time within a loving environment to safety and hope for a brighter future. What the children in our care will be depends on YOU and ME. Our purpose as an non-governmental organization (NGO) is not only to change lives of disadvantaged and less privileged children but also to be a positive influence in the lives of these children and in the community.

We raise and care for a child with the purpose of bringing them to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. We have committed ourselves to the goal of instilling hope for a better future for the children in our communities across the nation. As a children service provider we take seriously our responsibility to ensure a stimulating and nurturing environment for these children. We want to positively revolutionalize the way people think about the plight of children in the 21st century. WE ARE HERE TO SET THE STAGE FOR AN IMPROVED WAY OF LIFE FOR THE CHILDREN IN OUR COMMUNITIES.

Our operating principles are:

  • Have a local and national scope
  • Make lasting difference in the lives of children and youth
  • Identify support and engage best practices and care for children
  • Maximize resources of working in strategic alliances across public, private and non-governmental organization’s (NGO)
  • Leverage our spending to multiply impact
  • Import culturally applicable approaches and procedures in the management of childcare and welfare
  • Involve and encourage family participation in the lives of the children
  • Encourage and promote adoption as a way of family involvement
  • Monitor and measure results

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